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Quintana Roo is a paradise and one of the most beautiful species visit us, "Whale Shark" (Rhincodon typus)it feeds primarily on phytoplankton, nekton, macro algae, krill, but sometimes it does crustaceans such as crab larvae , squid and small schooling fish such as anchovies, sardines, mackerel, and tuna. Here comes to feed on "Bonito fish". It's when you have the chance to swim with this pacefull giant.

Don't miss it!

We GUARANTEE you'll swim with whale sharks from June through early September

Whale Shark is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest extant fish species, this fish is ovoviviparous (born from an egg and gestated in the womb of the mother, being born alive), The Shark can filter 60,000 liters of water per minute, is an eating machine and nothing phytoplankton at a speed of 3-5 km / h, can dive to 700m.


We will pick you up at your lobby hotel (Cancun 7:30am, Playa del Carmen 6:00am and Tulum 5:00am)when we arrive to punta Sam, we will offer a coffee to finish waking up. Now we are ready to board our boat, to start our adventure with whale sharks.

in the boat we can enjoy a small snack, a sandwich consisting of ham, something very light for swimming beside our friend .when our tripulation locate our goal, we must be ready to swim in pairs, once in the water with the whale sharks, we must respect the following rules:

It is not allowed to swim with the Whale Sharks without a life jacket.

You must remain at least 6 feet from the Whale Shark and you are not allowed to touch or hold it at all.

Do Not Interfere with the movements of the Whale Shark by putting yourself in front of him.

Do not make sudden moves in the water when we are close to the whale shark.

we'll be always accompany a guide certificated to take care of us and the beautiful animal, we must follow the instructions given to us, in order we can swim with them two or tree times.

Afterwards we'll enjoy ceviche prepared by our tripulation in Playa norte of Isla Mujeres

after eating we will back to dock where our transportation return to our hotels.

- Nature Guide
- Round trip transportation
- Snorkeling with Whale Sharks
- Snack
- Boat ride 4h
- Snorkel and equipment
- Beverages during the trip
Not included:
- eco-park tax (armband)
-Additional consumption
- Wear a bathing suit under your clothes
- Bring a long sleeve cotton shirt
- Sandals and towel
- Hat and sunglasses
- Biodegradable sunscreen and repellent
- Bring a camera!
- lightheadedness take Dramamine
- If you have wetsuit bring it
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