The main ingredient in preparing Mexican food is corn. Some of the dishes that use corn are, tortillas, quesadillas, champurrado, tacos, pozole, popcorn, corn, gorditas, picaditas, memelas, huaraches, tamales, totopoz, tostadas, lots of dishes.

There are six basic types of corn: jagged, hard, soft, or mealy, sweet, popcorn and sheathed. Planting is done in September, October and the harvest is in March, April and May. General mind peoples engaged in planting, they make these days make a big party with music, food and dancing accompanied with beer, tequila, mezcal. It is quite an event and all the people participe economically and socially involved.

Also contributes largely to the amount of energy that the Mexican daily needs for its high content of carbohydrates, calcium, potassium and fiber, and low in fat and sodium. It is considered that the daily nutritional requirements, tortilla provides approximately 45% of the calories, 39% protein and 49% of the calcium, even in some rural areas provides approximately 70% of the calories and 50% of the daily protein intake. Therefore, and with good reason, a large percentage of the Mexican population believes the tortilla as a staple food.

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